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I need a bodyguard in Bournemouth to escort me at night?

SIA licensed bodyguards in Bournemouth can escort you when you are going to the various nightclubs and bars. Please arrange an initial discussion with the security team via the online form.

They will discuss your individual requirements and the available options.

Can I hire a bodyguard in Bournemouth for a short term day trip?

The professional security team can cater for short term bodyguard assignments in Dorset.

For further information on close protection services, just complete the online form today.

Will bodyguards disrupt my everyday routines in Bournemouth?

The close protection operatives in Bournemouth have been trained to be discreet.

They provide a service that is extremely professional.

Close Protection Services Bournemouth

Close protection officers in Bournemouth to protect you and your estate wherever you are in Dorset or the UK mainland.

Experienced close protection officers available that are SIA licensed and have extensive training for protective duty.

Individual bodyguards in Bournemouth for personal protection and long term residential security teams covering homes and businesses in Dorset.

Close protection services for Bournemouth are tailored around clients needs. Whatever your requirements, we can offer a professional and effective security solution.

Expert bodyguards in Bournemouth - request a consultation now

To arrange your personal close protection in Dorset, simply complete the online form with the following information:

1. Transport arrangements to and from the venue – will this be provided by you (if required)
2. Any medical conditions for you we need to be aware of prior to deployment
3. Nature of any threat you are aware of – why do you feel you need a bodyguard
4. Nature of the events attending if any i.e. private party / rave / business meeting / shopping etc
5. Locations to be visited if mobile

A member of the team will then be in contact to discuss your requirements further.

For close protection hire in Bournemouth the minimum shift policy is 6 hours.

We do not have job vacancies for close protection officers in Bournemouth.

Bodyguards in Bournemouth

We offer close protection in Bournemouth for clients from a wide range of backgrounds and professions.

Our goal is to offer a tailored, discreet and utterly professional approach to your security requirements in Dorset.

Most close protection operatives have a military background and all operatives are fully SIA licensed and trained in bodyguard duties such as:

Residential Security in Bournemouth
Security Drivers in Bournemouth
VIP Protection Team in Bournemouth
Airport Collection Service

Client safety and privacy is of uttermost importance to the dedicated close protection team. They are the ultimate deterrent against theft, vandalism and threatening behaviour.

Professional bodyguards in Bournemouth for:

Religious Leaders
High Net Worth Individuals
Any Person Requiring 100% Reliable Security Services

Arrange your personalised close protection service in Bournemouth

To book your initial, no obligation consultation with the security experts, simply fill in the close protection form with your contact details and requirements in Dorset or UK.

Expect a fast and professional response to your bodyguard enquiry in Bournemouth via phone and email.

Recent Enquires

asaplive in close protection for approx one week


courses for close protection services i have no other qualifications in this field but i am eagar to learn


need a bodyguard to follow me on certain nights when i want to go clubbing in much would it cost


i have an ex who stalks me from a house up the he is an alcoholic and unpredictable.i need someone in the house when he callspossibly to act as new partner to mei think he will then leave me alone if he thinks i have someone else.he breaks locks and has climbed in windows in the past.i hate involving the police as it gets nasty and its a quiet placei dont want them at my door.


i am looking for 2 body guards for saturday 22nd sept x and monday 31st december x and friday 19th july x they will be going to different night clubs and following me making sure am safe and that their ant any problems would be needed from 7pm til 5am can you tell me how much this would be please